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Face Shield

Face Shield


Clear Full Face Mask with Sponge Pad Elastic Band for Protecting Eyes and Face Protection from Splash Material: PET, Foam Comfortable - The face mask with an elastic band and sponge pad design, soft and comfortable suitable for extended wear. Optically Clear - 7mm thickness high clear Polyester film material protect shield for maximum visibility. Easy to Wear - Lightweight, quick and easy to put on. Elastic band that make it fits most people. Full Protect - Wrap-around design, side and front face protection. Helpful to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from aerosols, sprays, and splatters. Warm Tip - The protective face shield is recommended to be used on the same day, do not reuse


Unique functionality will surely impress buyers.

女生穿泳装练胆 网友:画面太美不敢看_新闻频道_中国青年网:2021-8-22 · 女生穿泳装练胆,2021年08月21日,济南举行模特评选活动,参赛的百名女生来自省内各个县市,都是当地艺考培训班的高三学生,明年将要参加模特 ...

Keep in the heat and the tunes with this Bluetooth speaker hat (BTS-HAT). An appealing giveaway for commuters or fans at a cold weather sports game; cfspromo.com

BIC Graphic (asi/40480)

Forget the earbuds and try something cooler: sunglasses with Bluetooth speakers (32247). Great for running, hiking, doing yard work or driving cross country. Wearers can answer calls too; bicgraphic.com

Trimark (asi/92121)

This heat panel vest (TM19548) is a perfect item for fall and winter. It features interior chest and back heat panels that can be set to a specific temperature with a touch button control; pcna.com/trimark

AAA Innovations (asi/30023)

Holding a cellphone and umbrella in the rain is an exercise in frustration. With the Bluetooth-enabled Phonebrella (BT46), users can keep their phone in their pocket while answering calls through the handle; aaainnovations.com

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San Francisco is lifting local prohibitions too as authorities say growing evidence suggests the bags aren’t conveyors of the coronavirus.

The reusable bag could soon be back in business.

In moves welcomed by purveyors of branded reusable bags in the promotional products industry, California this week reinstated a ban on single-use plastic bags and San Francisco said on Friday, June 26 that it was within days of lifting a temporary ban on reusable bags in grocery stores.

“This is good news on many fronts for us as a company and our industry,” said Andy Keller, founder and CEO of California-based ChicoBag Company (asi/44811).

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, prohibitions on reusable bags like grocery totes have proliferated in California and other states throughout the U.S. as authorities reacted to what some said was evidence that the bags could spread COVID-19. Those restrictions have dented sales of reusable bags in the promo industry.

Critics of the clampdown on reusable bags, however, have asserted that the purported evidence linking the products to disease spread is derived largely from studies commissioned by pro plastic industry groups that are eager to counteract what had been a growing trend of bans on single-use plastic bags.

Still, there now appears to be a mounting body of science that calls such claims into question. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), touching a surface that may have the virus on it is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads. Potential exposure to COVID-19 from handling reusable grocery bags is considered low, but consumers should wash the bags after each use, authorities say.

“The plastic industry has for years tried to advance the notion that reusable bags are a vector for sickness, but it’s not backed up by science,” said Keller.

Meanwhile, Consumer Reports issued a rebuke to one study that painted reusable bags as carriers of dangerous bacteria. The study, which was sponsored by a plastics industry group, analyzed just 84 bags and only found bacteria that doesn’t usually cause disease. “A person eating an average bag of salad greens gets more exposure to these bacteria than if they had licked the insides of the dirtiest bag from this study,” Michael Hansen, senior staff scientist at Consumers Union, told Consumer Reports. “These bacteria can be found lots of places, so no need to go overboard.”

Andy Keller, ChicoBag Company.

Hansen noted that it’s easy to spread bacteria from meat, fish or poultry to other foods, so it’s smart to carry such items in disposable bags. “Reusable bags are fine for most everything else, but it’s a good idea to wash them,” Consumer Reports says.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s decision to allow reusable bags again was based significantly on findings from the CDC that indicated that, although the virus can live on surfaces, there are no documented cases in which it has been transmitted to a person from a surface.

San Francisco was the first major U.S. city to ban plastic bags, having done so in 2007. The city-specific ordinance was suspended during the early days of the pandemic, but that’s soon to reverse. Authorities in San Francisco said that “changing” science around how the virus is spread is driving the impetus to again allow reusable bags.

“Early on in this, when science was changing, we didn’t know the virus as well as we do today,” Charles Sheehan, a spokesman for San Francisco’s Department of the Environment, told the Chronicle.

More cities and states in the U.S., as well as governments internationally, have sought to ban single-use plastic bags in recent years. The motivation is to better protect the environment. Disposable plastic bags create litter, pollute habitats and threaten wildlife, especially marine life when they enter the ocean and other waterways, plastic bag ban advocates say.

It remains to be seen if California’s renewed embrace of reusable bags will influence other states and municipalities to take similar action. Regardless, from a public relations perspective, the reusable bag might have to contend with negative perception for a time after bans on them are lifted, given the widespread media coverage of the products as potential disease bearers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s a constant battle against misinformation,” said Keller. “It can get frustrating.”

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Digital attendees of the “Build” event are getting everything from socks to a bamboo lunchbox.

Top techies will have to attend Microsoft’s annual “Build” conference virtually this year, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll miss out on sweet event swag.

Microsoft is mailing early registrants a branded merchandise package that features a welcome card, a bamboo lunch box, socks, sticker sheets, a lanyard and a badge.

“Microsoft is doing their bit to make virtual attendees feel a greater sense of the occasion,” reported mspoweruser.com. “The gift is especially awesome since registration is free this year, with likely many more people signing up.”

Photo from mspoweruser.com.

This year’s “Build” is scheduled for May 19-21. The conference is for software engineers and web developers using various Microsoft technologies. The in-person event typically draws thousands of attendees.

Microsoft’s decision to direct-mail conference swag is another high-profile example of event organizers continuing to utilize promotional products for their occasions, even though their events have gone digital because of the COVID-19 pandemic. From virtual beer festivals and graduations to many more happenings, end-buyers are increasingly incorporating branded merch initiatives into their now digital events.

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